Watercolor - Ombre wedding theme

I always loved the look of watercolor, also known in French as aquarelle. The soft patterns and all the varying shades of colors that blend well together have that romantic dream-like appeal.
Ombre is a french word meaning shade or shadow that represents the appearance of tones, with colors graduating from light to dark. It’s a simple concept but with a dramatic impression. It has a watercolor feel that adds to it’s spectacular interest and charm.
Ombre is a unique and fun way to play with color, so it's no surprise that today's brides are embracing it as a wedding trend. A romantic subtle ombre design can always add the perfect touch of elegance to a wedding.


Diy Ombre wedding napkins via Once wed
Juliet Silk watercolor robe: Girlwithaseriousdream


Ombre dyed escort cards via Once wed 


Painting by artist: Tina Steele Lindsey via Joy Thigpen
Bouquet photographs by Elizabeth Messina