Anthropologie + Girl & a Serious Dream Lingerie: A Dream Collaboration

Before I even dreamed of starting G&SD, I've loved Anthropologie...
Simply walking into one of their stores and browsing the beautiful array of designers made me swoon, as I hold URBN brands very close to my heart. The way they convey vintage-inspired fashion and culture through their brands and catalogs has always stuck with me, and of course, shopping with them is always such a treat!
And so working with them now is a dream come true! I used to daydream that our products would be in their stores one day. So to say that working with Anthro is one of the most exciting ventures I've taken on is quite an understatement!
I was head over heels when Anthro got in touch with us and said they were interested in our designs! It was a lightning fast process from beginning to end, but seeing our pieces released through Anthropologie was completely worth it!

We came up with a special edition of our Swan Queen lace robe in the loveliest shade of blush pink. Made from a custom blush Chantilly lace, produced exclusively for us, with delicate scalloped edges, French seams, and a silk sash tie.
A bundle of blush robes sitting pretty in our #girlandaseriousdreamstudio before heading to the new anthropologie stores and website.

Check it out here

In addition to carrying our blush lace robe on, they also just reopened the doors to their large format stores and lifestyle experience with two newly remodeled locations in Newport Beach and Portland.

Not only is our Swan Queen design available in-store, but our friend Taryn Grey recently photographed the Newport Beach grand opening and was able to snap some pics of the store for us!

The store is literally something out of a dream!

Every vignette and display is so stunningly designed. And don't get me started on the lingerie wall....I'm in awe!

Our blush Swan Queen lace robe showcased in Anthropologie intimates section in Newport Beach, California 

Anthropologie's new venture in creating destination retail spaces, with coffee shops, nail salons and blow dry bars along with new luxury brands makes for such an exciting space and immerses all visitors into the Anthropologie experience.

We are so excited to be a featured brand and hope they continue to open more large format stores nationwide.


Our blush Swan Queen lace robe showcased in Anthropologie Newport Beach, California

Thank you so much to the wonderful team at Anthro, and our amazing team at G&SD for making this all possible. Everyone in the team worked so hard to make these beautiful pieces, and I'm so very thankful! A big thank you to my husband too, for all his help behind the scenes.

It's a dream come true to be part of Anthropologie! Xo, Anita

Stay tuned for more...